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Dylan and Isaiah 14:12?/Dylan e Isaias 14:12?


Just today, trying to find an inspirational song in concordance with my Daily Devotion I heard one  Bob Dylan’s song and is the motive of this note” “When did You Leave Heaven?”. In accordance with the experts Diana Uribe, Alejandro Marin and many others, there are, more than 16.000 biblical references on Dylan’s lyrics(as inside the Bible, as more than 33.000 promises of God to His people). Personally (I love Dylan’s music) through the Bible I found my way into the intrincate lyrical maze of Bob Dylan(typical and controversial piece to consider: “All Along The Watchtower”, considered to be an ‘extremely) cryptic piece of the Dylan catalog. The first two verses of the song describe a conversation betwing a joker and a thief, and so for, “Blowin’ in the Wind” when Dylan refers to Genesis history, “The Times They Are  A- Changin” where ones find Dylan’s deeply entrenched in the Gospels as he prtraysthe concept of retribution in his (and mine) 60’s turbulent era; Mathew 19:30 reads: “Many that are first will be last” .

But today I have a doubt concerning the song: When Did You Leave Heaven?”

Is a reference to Isaias 14:12(How did you came to fall the heavens, morning star, son of the dawn? How did you come to be cut to the ground conqueror of nations?”

?Those 12 questions make quotation to the Satan’s pride and principal fall’s cause? Or may be he is talking about his own guardian angels that we can see in Salm 91: 11,12?

Is a question to the music scholars an a challenge to the Dylan’s music lovers and everybody who wants to see the potency of the WORD of God and depth of Dylan’s writing.

Right here the song’s lyrics

When did you you leave heaven?

How could they let you go?

How’s every thing in heaven?

I’d like to know.

How did you trade heaven?

For all these eartly things?

Where on earth you did halo?

Where did you lose your wings?

How they missed you?

Can you back in?

If I kiss you would it be a sin?

I am only a human but you are so divine.

When did you leave heaven angel mine?

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