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Messiah is Coming:Plant a Tree!


Every day is a new opportunity to give thanks to the Almighty for life, every day is an Earth Day; but today, people celebrates Earth

I’m getting one thought from Ellen Bernstein in this celebration of our beauty blue planet and a Michael Jackson’s  song  as a tribute to his battle in pro of our planet earth.

“Creation theology expounds a series of ecological principles, but speaks in a poetic and redolent language to communicate them. As a people rooted in language and story, we must reflect on how our story might provide us the language and perspectives to help us cope with today’s mushrooming environmental ills.

The language of creation has multiple valences; it simultaneously speaks to nature, creativity, and humility, and herein lie its power and strength. It teaches morals of the world as well as it boundaries.

People today are seeking refuge from the pervasive idols of constant grasping, the need to push ahead, the obsesion with progress and the future, the belief that more is better, and the conflating of success with wealth and status. The language and values of creation can offer a sanctuary to those who are aching to stop and simply be, to appreciate the ordinary -to reap the fruit of the day-to-day. Creation values are consistent with spiritual practice that is interested in a sense of interiority and spaciousnes- that seeks to experience life moment to moment.

Creation theology is inherently generative and hopeful. It implies that the way to address the environmental problems and other problems of our world is through our own creativity. It speaks the universal language of sand, stars, earth, and heaven. It provides a common language by which we can express our deepest yearnings, communicate across cultures and beliefs, and work together on the most pressing issues of our day.”(Creation Theology: A Jewish Perspective- Ellen Bernstein in The Green Bible, NRSV)

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