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Soul Healing


Chapter 3
Health Del Alma


There are two processes of healing for the body: the natural and the supernatural (divine). Medical doctors know they can not heal. They only help the authorities “natural” health existing in the body.

However, Jesus is greater than the other doctors. Through his supernatural power, sick bodies can also be healthy. The divine power for such healing, comes directly from God.

Both resources for health also apply to the soul. It is said that time heals. This natural healing that occurs with the passage of time helps us to overcome some of the pain inside that gave us problems during our younger years.

1. Natural
eventually discovered that not all are so strong, smart and they look better than us. Most of us learn to relate to others and be successful in our fields. We won the respect of our families, friends and coworkers.

As we increase in years, we face afflictions, sorrows and losses that help us grow and understand. Even people suffering from mental illness, often recover by themselves in a certain period of time. It is clear that the soul has natural healing powers as does the body.

However, some people do not overcome the problems they had in the early years of their lives. Bear the painful scars or marks into adult life. All of us may have some wounds or injuries from the past that affect our attitudes and actions present.

For some, however, the emotional burdens are so heavy they can barely function normally. Many of these people have suffered emotional or mental breaches. When lesions are too deep, the results can be permanent.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are doctors who treat mental and emotional disorders. They seek, through medicine and counseling, to help natural healing powers of the soul.

So, as there are physical illnesses that can not be cured, there are also diseases of the soul that can not be helped using natural means.

In order to “restore” a soul in this state, it would take a “miracle”, a supernatural healing.

I meet young people who have “burned” their brains injuring their souls with drug use. On one occasion they were young talented, healthy and with a bright future for their lives in the future. Now they are broken in their minds, in their minds and their bodies. Is there any hope or is it too late? Only a miracle can supply a need of this kind. Thank God, for He is hope.

Our Lord is the Almighty God, maker of miracles and wonders. He is merciful.

2. Supernatural
examine these precious words of the Prophet Isaiah: “And when wilt give thy bread to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul, in darkness shall thy light and thy darkness be as the noonday” (Isaiah 58:10).

The pain of being rejected can be healed only by the love and

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