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Soul Healing


Soul Healing 3/4

Yes, G-d wants us to also be healed. But what is the process by which “internal health” can be verified in our lives? I think there are five important steps we must take in prayer and faith:

The first three steps for healing the wounded soul can be found in these words of hope and comfort expressed by Jesus.

• “Come unto me ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest ”
• “Take my yoke(you can read this as ‘discipline’) upon you , and
• Learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest [restoration] for your souls ” (Mt 11:28, 29).

1. Come To Jesus
The first step to inner health (or health of the soul) is this: Come to Jesus! The Messiah invites us to go to Him

If we are to any other place or seeking other remedies, we will be disappointed. Who gets you in time of need? Jesus says: “Come to me …”.

Yes, Jesus waits with open arms and invites us to come to Him He welcomes the lost sinner.

As mentioned before, we need to be forgiven and be freed from the heavy burden of guilt and condemnation. This is where the “internal health” begins. All of us must come to Jesus and accept Him as our Savior. Without this first step, we can never get the second. It is vital that we repent if we are to be restored.

2. Taking His Discipline
The yoke of the Messiah refers to His government or control over our lives. He not only has to be our Savior but our Lord and Master.

The devil wants to deceive us with lies. Want to believe that we will lose our “freedom” when we pay our lives to the Lord. He never tell us that his discipline of sin comes to be heavier and more painful the longer you take it. At some point that you drop under its weight. Only the grace of G-d can deliver them from their yoke.

Many Christians suffer under the weight of a yoke which they themselves produce. Is the weight of a life dogged. They have confessed Jesus as Savior. They want to go to heaven when they die. However, do not want to subject his will to anything or anyone, just want to make your own will in many areas of their lives here on earth.

G-d sometimes lets us follow our own will in order to teach a lesson. Soon discover that it is a very painful path. The walk in the “meat” includes many tragic fall. Each one leaves a scar on our souls as we have seen.

Clearly, this kind of inner pain can be healed only when we turn to Jesus and confess him as Lord of our lives. To our joy, we find that His yoke is easy and lightweight like the feathers of a bird.

The total submission of our lives to Jesus means the total health of our lives for Him is also the only way to true spiritual freedom.

When our faith, hope and future plans are linked with the Lord, our internal forces will be renovated and restored. Then we can go back through the roof without getting tired, as if we were riding on the wings of eagles (Isaiah 40:30, 31).

3. Learning from him (will be continued)

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