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The Perfect Pastor


“Since an elder is entrusted with G-d’s work, he must be blameless- not overbearing, not quick-tempered, not given to drunkeness, not violent, not pursuing dishonest gain. Rather he must bo hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self controled, upright, holy and disciplined”(Titus 1:7,8 NIV)

After hundreds of years, found the perfect pastor.

It is the elder of the church that pleases everyone. He preaches exactly twenty minutes and then sits. Condemns sin but never hurts anyone’s feelings.

She works from eight in the morning until ten at night doing everything from preaching to sweeping. Earn four hundred dollars a week, gives one hundred U.S. dollars to church weekly, runs an older model car, buys lots of books, good used clothing and has a decent family.

Always stands ready to help with any other good cause as well, helping beggars passing by the church on their way somewhere else.

t has thirty-six years and has preached forty. He is tall, rather short in stature, big, but slim, and handsome. He has blue eyes or brown, as is the case, and part the hair in the middle, left side dark and straight, the right side brown and wavy.

Have a burning desire to work with young people and spends all his time with the elderly. Always smiling while maintaining a stern face, because he has great sense of humor that is always engaged seriously.

Calls a day for fifteen members of the church, spends all his time evangelizing to non-members, and whenever you need, find it in study hall. At the day off, he wears the case-papers of the General Superintendent. Unfortunately melted and died at the age of thirty-two years.
Author Unknown.

The Town does not expect perfection of God’s servants, but honesty. God expects the world demands transparency and fidelity.

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