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Iron Sharpens Iron


Hierro afila hierro


Proverbs 27:17

The iron sharpens iron, and the man in dealing with men“(Proverbs 27:17 NIV). Another version says: “To sharpen the iron, lime, to be a better person, friend” . This means that, as for sharpening the iron is used by another element of the same material, so to be better for a person to use his friend. It can also happen: you can make your friend (a) is a worse person:
When you get to be your comfort so that you’re talking to the hug, we laugh, .. and all this for a long time, such is the bond that is woven, it will no longer indifferent sorrows are yours, the Like their joys. You ask if you want, just look at you and be still. But why never says what he feels? Time passes, and you need something to show you’re not feeling appreciated by an image non-existent, but by a person of flesh and blood who understand and have feelings.

To spend some more time, often after drinking the bitter cup of indifference and neglect on the part of who you want, they give him (her), leaving increasingly side. It’s not the same, because the love inside you has dwindled to almost disappear. Like when you stop watering a plant, it fades to wither and die. The result is no longer equal, and not very nice, attentive, he wanted despite the discomfort, with a heart full of sincerity, ready for anything.

It is amazing how sometimes even the way we behave or respond to another person influences his character, so much so that you can make change.
One could be the most loyal in the world and deliver their best response, meaning, helping, listening, accompanied at all times to (a) friend (a) without expecting anything in return, only that you stop being you . There is no price that you see the tears fall, and with your hands secarles those bitter drops that come from the heart.
There comes a time when they begin to wonder just passed your way of being, even in need of you for living so bitter and sour grapes, returns in search of what once was and not valued or cared like you do with all that is beautiful and delicate . The moment of reflection and regret show, but when it is too late. There is no return, there’s no solution …

Do you value what you have? Lest you miss when you understand that you may never have a chance to recover or be replaced by a more or less the same. Nobody can buy happiness or good treatment, or to ensure that future decisions are the surest way to it.
Do not despise the one who loves you. How do you know if maybe the gift of God is unique and unrepeatable you still have not been able to identify?
And if you now Will you express your love to your inappropriate or indifferent attitude that person change? Can you bear the guilt of having transformed it into something unseemly valuable to you? Always remember that, as the proverb means the beginning: …. This is the person that shapes the friend, as a friend to the person …

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