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Special Projects 3

Money Plant

Money Plant

We said in Part 2 about the prayer for Special Projects needs to be a prayer of faith in action in this third part we will see other item: Prayer is for Unsatisfied people..
Some live in a conformist who plays with the resignation. Paul says: “Be ye not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Romans 2:2

Prayer is not to comply. If you are resigned to the status of things in his life, with the state and how is your marriage, with the situation we are living with their children. If you are satisfied or resigned to what they already have, so abundant, this message does not compete.
The prayer is for people of changes, people see that despite the circumstances, dare to think that prayer can change.

The story says that in Israel to more than three and half years had stopped raining. After that time they had become a habit and, perhaps, thought, ‘That’s because they have done a lot of burning and destroying the ozone layer. “

Elias did not settle, he said, “Well, it stopped raining, now has to return to rain and not have to rain to myself, is going to rain even for those who are not asking for rain.”
When you can not claim now that the blessing is just for you, your blessing has yet to reach even those who do not pray.
The sentence should be plural and for people who want change.
Elijah had an assistant, and said:
“Go and look toward the sea, he ordered his servant. The servant went and looked, and said: “There is nothing”. (1 Kings 18:43)

There, on Mount Caramel, ordered him to go and look toward the sea. So this was and looked up and said: “I do not see anything.” Elijah began to pray and saw nothing, and you begin to see the status of their marriage and not see anything, now once and you will see the status of your company and send someone to see and not see anything . Always find people like this wizard ado Elijah who see nothing but the people who present projects to God is because we see beyond.
You can not settle with the wife (or) you have, now, God is not going to change, but that will change your way of being, he will change his temperament. You can not make do with the financial situation is, because if you agree with what he has, and aridity is, what will change?
Prayer is incompatible with the resignation.Debo be so unhappy with the situations around me to go and put your head between your knees and say: “From here I do not get up until this change.” Elijah tells the assistant to re-watch because he is a man of faith. Let us be like Elijah, we can not live on borrowed faith. The projects we present to God is because we see beyond. God has no favorites, but if you are with the people in prayer.

Let us accept that God is just. Sure, it’s just, what happens is that we give up and think, “I do not see anything. ““Seven times Elijah told him to go see …”. (1 Kings 18:43)

Do not just go and see once and resigned because they did not see anything. We must go “n” times if necessary. I can imagine the attendant thinking that his boss was insane and obeying reluctantly, while Elijah prayed nonstop.
God is no respecter of persons, God listens to those who pray

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