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When You Feel Good Enough


Whenever you’re tempted to trust in your own ability to please God, take a good look at the standard, God’s Law (you’ll find it in Exodus 20), then look at your own score card.  To use Paul’s words, each of us is “shut up under sin” (Gal. 3:22).  Our mouths have been closed, and we all have become accountable to God (Romans 3:19).  Do you think you can be saved by your own goodness?  The Law gives no hope.

Try this calculation.  If you sinned only ten times a day from your tenth birthday to your sixtieth–and keep in mind we’re not just talking about rape, pillage, and murder, but the full range of human moral failing, including heart attitudes and motives—what would your rap sheet look like with only 10 sins a day for 50 years?  You would have amassed 182,500 infractions of the law.  What judge in his right mind would turn you loose with a record like that?

Gregory Koukl (Stand To Reason Blog)

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